Updated WWE Injuries List – ROH, Impact, NJPW Injured Wrestlers

Updated WWE Injuries List – ROH, Impact, NJPW Injured Wrestlers

Pro Wrestling Injury Report – 2018

Last Update: November 13th, 2018

We’ve compiled a list of pro-wrestling stars who are injured. Once a star is cleared for action, or major updates do occur, we will update. This list includes wrestlers from WWE, Impact, ROH, NJPW and Independent organizations. 


  • Becky Lynch – Broken Nose, Concussion (Return TBA)
  • Alexa Bliss – Multiple Concussions, Supporting Role Only (Return Unknown)
  • Triple H – Torn Pectoral Muscle, Surgery 11/6 (Return 2019)
  • Jason Jordan – Neck Injury (Return Unknown)
  • Fandango – Labrum Tear (Return Early 2019)
  • Tye Dillinger – Hand Injury, Surgery Required (Return Unknown)
  • Tino Sabbatelli – Torn Pectoral Muscle (Return Early 2019)
  • Sami Zayn – Double Rotator Cuffs, Surgery Completed (April 2019)
  • Rowan – Torn Bicep (Early 2019)
  • Kevin Owens – Double Knee Surgery (April 2019)
  • Curt Hawkins – Hernia Surgery (Cleared For Action)
  • Samir Singh – Torn ACL (Cleared For Action)
  • Sin Cara – Knee Injury, Surgery Completed (Early 2019)
  • Goldust – Double Knee Surgery (Early 2019)
  • Zelina Vega – Possible Concussion, Off Events (Cleared For Action)
  • Luke Harper – Hand/Arm Injury (Return TBA)

Ring Of Honor

  • Tenille Dashwood – Shoulder Surgery (Dislocation, Torn Labrum and Fracture) (May 2019)
  • Cody – Mencius Damaged, Scope Required (December 2018)

Impact Wrestling

Rosemary – Torn ACL (Early 2019)

New Japan Pro Wrestling 

Hiromu Takahashi – Neck Injury (Return Unknown)

Independent Wrestling

  • Joey Janella – Knee Injury (Summer 2019)
  • Joey Ryan – Torn Pectoral Muscle (TBA)

The following outlines WWE’s official concussion testing protocol.

WWE & imPACT Concussion Management Program 


An ImPACT test is a computerized neurocognitive assessment tool that measures the effects of a concussion through cognitive testing.

ImPACT results are evaluated by Dr. Mark Lovell, clinical neuropsychologist and director of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Sports Medicine Concussion Program.


All WWE Talent* have been given a baseline ImPACT test.

WWE Talent are given repeat baseline ImPACT tests annually.

Baseline ImPACT tests are mandatory for all prospective talent during pre-contract screening.


If a WWE Talent show symptoms of a concussion or has suffered a concussion, then that WWE Talent will not be cleared to return to wrestling until he/she passes an ImPACT test and is clinically cleared by a certified physician.

ImPACT tests are typically administered within 24-48 hours from the time the talents symptoms have resolved.

If the post-injury ImPACT results are not comparable with the talents baseline test, then that WWE Talent will not be cleared until he/she retakes the ImPACT test. Repeat ImPACT tests are usually administered 2-3 days after the first post-injury ImPACT test.

If the WWE Talents ImPACT score is comparable with their baseline score, then the talent is put through a graded exertion test to see if physical activity will retrigger the talents concussion symptoms. If the WWE Talent is asymptomatic with both physical and contact activity then that talent is clinically cleared to return to wrestling.

If symptoms dictate and/or ImPACT scores warrant, WWE will send a WWE Talent for a direct consultation with Dr. Lovell at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Any talent that suffers a second concussion within an annual year from said talents first concussion, that talent will not return to in-ring work until after a one on one neuropsychological evaluation by Dr. Mark Lovell.


The WWE conducts a yearly educational seminar for all talent, referees, producers & medical personal that addresses the topic of concussions. The seminar covers concussion awareness, the WWE protocols for treatment and the latest medical information regarding this area. The seminars are conducted by either WWEs Medical Director Dr. Joseph Maroon or SLIs Christopher Nowinski.