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U.S Trademark Office Denies Anthem’s Trademark on “Broken” Matt Hardy & Brother Nero (Exclusive Documents)

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The United States Patent Office has denied a claim made by Anthem/TNA/GFW to register the trademark “Broken Matt”.

They sent out correspondence to Anthem/TNA/GFW lawyers. The attached correspondence shows that the term “Broken Matt” conflicts with Matt Hardy’s trademark of “Broken Matt Hardy”.  The USPO also included screenshots from website searches on the term “Broken Matt” which shows results from Matt Hardy.

The other interesting one is the fact that they attempted to trademark the name Brother Nero, and the trademark office sent a letter back and said with their findings the name Brother Nero is someone who is played by Jeff Hardy. So they need to refile the trademark as someone who is either not living or gain written consent from Jeff Hardy to have the trademark, which you know is never gonna happen.

I have attached the documents which I’ve obtained.

TNA/Anthem/GFW have 6 months to provide proper paperwork for the trademark.


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