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Sexy Star Breaks Her Silence – Speaks Out On Triplemania Incident

Sexy Star has finally broke her silence after the events that transpired at Triplemania in Mexico City this past weekend.

During the AAA Reina de Reina Championship match Sexy Star took liberties and injured Rosemary with an armbar.

Translation from video courtesy of  theboatleft

Sexy Star: Honestly, these days have been very hard for me. Last Saturday I had an intense title match and things got out of hand. I don’t know… I’m confused about the situation and I want to stay silent about it until I’m comfortable addressing the subject. I said to Adrian that when I’m feeling down, that’s when I become courageous and I think that’s what helped me today [come here and speak about it]. Thank you.

…men and women want to end my wrestling career but I’m still here fighting for myself and I’ll never stop because I also do it for all the women out there that have been psychologically or physically abused. I believe that now is the time for me to be strong because if I overcame my last depression, I’ll overcome this one too. To tell you the truth, this is a very complicated subject and I’m just in “blackout”, I can’t even think about it.

Host: What happened here? Tell me [showing footage of the armbar]

Sexy Star: I was in a title match and I was doing what I had to do, what people deserve to see which is for me to fight ferociously until the end, that’s what happened that I tapped her out and apparently the girl is injured, I don’t know, I’m not certain about it… that’s all I can say.

Host: Do you think this is an episode of cyber-bullying? That people want you to…

Sexy Star: I’m being a victim of that and the truth is that this is very delicate matter. People don’t even imagine the [emotional] distress they can cause, the thought of feeling trapped, impotent, alone they can cause, even knowing I’m not alone because I have a beautiful family, I have a daughter and my parents are still alive thank God.

Host: And your parents are here…

Sexy Star: They’re here tonight, knowing what I’m going through and they’re by my side and I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart. [Speaking to husband] My love, thank you for putting up with me getting home at 3 in the morning because of rehearsing, thank you for being the first to tell me “go ahead and rehearse, do your thing and shine like the star that you are” – I love you, thank you.

Statement in Spanish: 

“Hombres, mujeres, quieren acabar conmigo; retirarme de este deporte. Aquí estoy; como lo dije en un principio: no me voy a detener, en representación de todas las mujeres que han sido maltratadas, física o psicológicamente.

Creo que tengo que ser más fuerte. Si en ese momento pasé por una depresión y salí, de ésta también voy a salir.

Estaba haciendo lo que tenía que hacer, lo que merece la gente, entregarme con garra hasta el final. Eso pasó, que la rendí. Parece ser que la chava está lesionada; no sé, a mí no me consta. Es lo único que puedo decir.”


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