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Matt Hardy Is One Step Closer To Owning Broken Gimmick [Exclusive Documents]

Matt Hardy is one step closer for owning the trademark to the “Broken Matt Hardy” character. The status of Hardy’s application is currently in the publication stage. If there is no opposition to his claim within 30 days of the publication date he will own the trademark.

Hardy originally filed the trademark on 3/4/17, which was denied by the United States Trademark Office due to insufficient documentation. Anthem/TNA filed their own trademark on the character as well, and the two parties have been going back and forth on who owns the trademark.

Both parties were served with notices to provide more information on ownership of the trademark and were given 6 months to prepare proper documentation.

On 10/31/17 Hardy filed an official response via intellectual property attorney Ryan D. Levy. That notice has since been approved for publication on 11/15/17. The application now has a 30-day waiting period prior to being approved for ownership. Anthem has yet to provide additional documentation to counter the claim.

Anthem now has until 1/15 to counter the claim, before the trademark is officially Matt’s on 1/19.

If Matt is provided the trademark we could finally see the Broken gimmick on WWE television.

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