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Triple H Comments On Neville’s Absence

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This afternoon Triple H hosted an NXT Takeover Brooklyn media call. A number of media outlets were present, and one asked a question that has been on a lot of peoples minds.

Where is Neville?

Triple H responded to the question with the following:

“I’m not 100% positive, I need to go back and look at that, you are 100% right, to me, (Neville is) one of the most talent guys in the world. I love the time that he spent with us in NXT. I thought he did a tremendous job in building up the cruiserweight division in 205 Live.  Time will see where that ends up.”

Neville has been absent from WWE television for 10 months after reportedly walking out before a RAW broadcast.

Listen to the full conference call below. Triple H speaks on Neville at the 14:15 mark

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