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Enzo Amore Speaks Out On Airplane Incident, Claims He Wasn’t Vaping

Former WWE Star Claims He Wasn’t Vaping On Delta Flight

Enzo Amore was booted off a Delta Flight yesterday travelling from JFX to LAX due to allegedly vaping and arguing with flight staff.

The former WWE superstar spoke to TMZ about the incident and stated he wasn’t the one vaping, but someone around him was. He claimed a man in street clothes approached and asked if he was vaping, and he didn’t want to “snitch” on his fellow passenger.

Enzo asked the man if he was a federal marshal, when the man stated no, he told him to “sit the f*ck down”. The man who approached Enzo was reportedly an employee of the airline.

Enzo was not arrested for the incident, and was booked on the next flight.

Enzo mentions he knows Survivor Series and Monday Night RAW are in Los Angeles this weekend, but everyone should attend his rap show at Whiskey A Go Go.

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