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Chris Jericho Says “The List” Is Done If He Returns To WWE, Speaks On Meeting With Impact Wrestling

Jericho Speaks On His Future, The End Of The List, and Impact Meeting

Chris Jericho just wrapped up a cross Canada tour with his band Fozzy, and during his stop in Toronto, he was able to meet with Impact officials.

Chris Jericho spoke with Drew Dalby of at The Wolf Rocks in Regina, Saskatchewan about the recent meeting. “Impact, I had a great conversation with them the other day in Toronto, and there is some great matches I can have there, and why wouldn’t I go if it was right?

Jericho also spoke on his infamous “list” seen on WWE programming, and how that gimmick will not make a comeback. Jericho stated “I’ll tell you one thing too, there won’t a a list, that’s done, I mean I don’t feel it anymore”  Jericho went on to say “Right now, the thought of walking out with the list, I just don’t feel that”

Jericho also spoke about his immediate future stating “I have to go to Japan to do one more match for New Japan, and couple of movie shoots that I’m doing. But other than that, I’m pretty wide open for the next 3 or 4 months.

Watch the full interview below

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