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AJ Styles Attacks Vince McMahon At The End Of Smackdown

AJ Styles Unleashes The Animal From Within

The WWE aired their pre-taped Christmas Day edition of Smackdown tonight. The event which was taped last Tuesday in Fresno, CA featured a handful of matches and segments that were known if you read spoilers following the show.

In a pre-taped segment that ended the show, Vince McMahon approached AJ Styles regarding his place on Smackdown. Vince said that AJ Styles has been walking around the back, but didn’t compete tonight, even though he claims Smackdown is his house.

Vince says he has seen people come and go, and wants to know who the real AJ Styles is. He says that once stars win championships and earn money, they get complacent and go home. Vince then says himself and AJ are a lot alike, and that Styles has a black hole in his heart, and a tremendous soul.

Vince went on to tell AJ Styles that he needs to find his real self in order to takeover the locker room. Vince said he believes AJ Styles has an animal inside him and he wants him to unleash it.

Vince then slapped AJ styles across the face, which caused AJ Styles to lose it. AJ Styles punched Vince McMahon, knocking him down, and then proceeded to throw shots at him while he was down. Backstage personnel eventually pulled AJ off Vince.

The backstage agents asked Vince if he was alright, and he smiled with a sinister grin, showing that he liked the aggression from AJ Styles. We then went to credits.

Is Vince McMahon making AJ Styles his new project? I guess we will wait and see how this one plays out.

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