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2019 Wrestling Television Ratings: Viewership Numbers For WWE, NXT, AEW

Pro-Wrestling Ratings Tracker

We have compiled television viewership data for WWE RAW, SmackDown, NXT, and All Elite Wrestling weekly television shows.

Wrestling television deals are at the highest they have ever been, and ratings and viewership numbers are a key metric for advertisers. WWE debuted NXT on USA Network on 9/18/19, a new season of RAW on 9/30/19, and the premiere of Fox Friday Night SmackDown on 10/4/19. All Elite Wrestling debuted their Dynamite series on 10/2/19.

The following numbers have been provided by The Nielsen Company via ShowBuzzDaily.

Viewership numbers will be updated the day after the show airs.

TV Viewership Numbers – 2019 (RAW, NXT, AEW, SmackDown)


1/7/2019WWE RAW2,326,000
1/8/2019WWE SmackDown2,032,000
1/14/2019WWE RAW2,722,000
1/15/2019WWE SmackDown2,143,000
1/21/2019WWE RAW2,462,000
1/22/2019WWE SmackDown2,142,000
1/28/2019WWE RAW2,703,000
1/29/2019WWE SmackDown2,137,000
2/4/2019WWE RAW2,510,000
2/5/2019WWE SmackDown1,841,000
2/11/2019WWE RAW2,462,000
2/12/2019WWE SmackDown2,034,000
2/18/2019WWE RAW2,771,000
2/19/2019WWE SmackDown2,269,000
2/25/2019WWE RAW2,922,000
2/26/2019WWE SmackDown2,150,000
3/4/2019WWE RAW2,782,000
3/5/2019WWE SmackDown2,155,000
3/11/2019WWE RAW2,810,000
3/12/2019WWE SmackDown2,198,000
3/18/2019WWE RAW2,695,000
3/19/2019WWE SmackDown2,208,000
3/25/2019WWE RAW2,589,000
3/26/2019WWE SmackDown2,393,000
4/1/2019WWE RAW2,639,000
4/2/2019WWE SmackDown2,141,000
4/8/2019WWE RAW2,924,000
4/9/2019WWE SmackDown2,199,000
4/15/2019WWE RAW2,665,000
4/16/2019WWE SmackDown2,219,000
4/22/2019WWE RAW2,374,000
4/23/2019WWE SmackDown2,072,000
4/29/2019WWE RAW2,158,000
4/30/2019WWE SmackDown1,833,000
5/6/2019WWE RAW2,224,000
5/7/2019WWE SmackDown1,931,000
5/13/2019WWE RAW2,349,000
5/14/2019WWE SmackDown1,827,000
5/20/2019WWE RAW2,521,000
5/21/2019WWE SmackDown1,983,000
5/27/2019WWE RAW2,190,000
5/28/2019WWE SmackDown2,072,000
6/3/2019WWE RAW2,405,000
6/4/2019WWE SmackDown2,016,000
6/10/2019WWE RAW2,125,000
6/11/2019WWE SmackDown1,930,000
6/17/2019WWE RAW2,235,000
6/18/2019WWE SmackDown1,859,000
6/24/2019WWE RAW2,276,000
6/25/2019WWE SmackDown1,921,000
7/1/2019WWE RAW2,493,000
7/2/2019WWE SmackDown1,890,000
7/8/2019WWE RAW2,352,000
7/9/2019WWE SmackDown1,853,000
7/15/2019WWE RAW2,453,000
7/16/2019WWE SmackDown2,122,000
7/22/2019WWE RAW3,093,000
7/23/2019WWE SmackDown2,162,000
7/29/2019WWE RAW2,321,000
7/30/2019WWE SmackDown1,911,000
8/5/2019WWE RAW2,473,000
8/6/2019WWE SmackDown2,088,000
8/12/2019WWE RAW2,729,000
8/13/2019WWE SmackDown2,164,000
8/19/2019WWE RAW2,534,000
8/20/2019WWE SmackDown2,142,000
8/26/2019WWE RAW2,528,000
8/27/2019WWE SmackDown2,088,000
9/2/2019WWE RAW2,507,000
9/3/2019WWE SmackDown2,130,000
9/9/2019WWE RAW2,130,000
9/10/2019WWE SmackDown2,061,000
9/16/2019WWE RAW2,272,000
9/18/2019WWE NXT1,179,000
9/23/2019WWE RAW2,209,000
9/24/2019WWE SmackDown2,099,000
9/25/2019WWE NXT1,006,000
9/30/2019WWE RAW2,570,000
10/2/2019AEW: Dynamite1,409,000
10/2/2019WWE NXT891,000
10/4/2019WWE SmackDown3,888,000
10/7/2019WWE RAW2,334,000
10/9/2019AEW: Dynamite1,140,000
10/9/2019WWE NXT790,000
10/11/2019WWE SmackDown2,895,500
10/14/2019WWE RAW2,279,000
10/16/2019AEW: Dynamite1,014,000
10/16/2019WWE NXT714,000
10/18/2019WWE SmackDown2,441,500
10/21/2019WWE RAWTBA


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