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Several Independent Stars Reportedly Sign Holding Deals With All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling Talent Signings Dependant On Television Deals

All Elite Wrestling has signed several independent wrestlers to talent holding deals according to PWTorch. These deals are typically a retainer agreement that allows talent to be compensated for a fixed period of time prior to signing an actual contract.

In the case of All Elite Wrestling, PWTorch is reporting that the holding deals will convert to full time contracts once a television deal is confirmed. All Elite Wrestling is currently seeking a television deal, and while they are in negotiations any talent signed to a holding deal cannot sign exclusively with another promotion.

Although salaries have not been revealed, the report states a “good six figure deal” will be offered to talent once television is secured. In order to sustain these salaries, AEW must secure a lucrative television deal.

Rajah.com is reporting that AEW President Tony Khan is in talks with Time Warner for a potential deal with TBS/TNT. This same report does re-iterate original claims that sports agent Barry Bloom is assisting with seeking talent for the new promotion.

More details should be known over the next several weeks on which stars have signed with the promotion leading into their Double Of Nothing event which is rumored to be held sometime this spring.

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