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All Elite Wrestling President Tony Khan Speaks On Goldberg Rumors, Partnerships, Not Ending Up Like WCW

AEW President Tony Khan Speaks With XPac 360 Podcast

All Elite Wrestling President Tony Khan was a special guest on X-Pac’s 12360 podcast today. In a last minute booking X-Pac was able to secure Khan for an interview.

Khan discussed various topics concerning his new promotion, including recent rumors that Goldberg was signing with the company. Tony also discussed the possibility of partnerships with other promotions, as well as his vision for the company going forward.

Tony said he couldn’t discuss anything to do with TV deals at the moment due to Non-Disclosure agreements, but did elude to the fact that they are looking to do a weekly show. He also said there is interest from multiple parties for a television deal.

Tony spoke on him being a fan of X-Pac since the age of 10, following his career from Global Wrestling all the way to the WWE.

Tony also mentioned that he has been a lifelong Chris Jericho fan, and was able to witness Jericho’s last match in ECW against Too Cold Scorpio as a gift from his parents for attending an ivy league high school.

Tony also mentioned he would send house show reports to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. These reports recently were unearthed and posted on reddit.

The Importance Of Wins & Losses

“I believe [Wrestling] hasn’t been taken seriously as the true athletic competition it is, in other sports wins and losses matter, and I feel like wins and losses are a huge part of the equation. I really want a win and a loss to be taken seriously, and the win/loss component should be a huge part of the competition to build up to the championship. Something we will take very very seriously. In my background in sports, I am huge believer in statistics and I think that’s one area where in wrestling we’ve seen some cool stuff get over. To me, I think there’s real opportunities to do some interesting things just in terms of building up athletes the way UFC has as legitimate competition.”

Not Purchasing Other Promotions, Open To Partnerships

“No. No. We’re looking to start something new I am not looking to absorb. I am open to partnerships. There are a lot of people doing exciting things all over the world and especially internationally; I am very open to partnerships. And domestically, I think I’ve seen the future and it’s what we’re doing. I am very, very happy with where we’re at today. Yesterday was a real big day for us as a company and we have a lot of work to do moving forward between now and May 25th, Double or Nothing in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand, Memorial Day weekend. It’s going to be a real good time. But yeah I am not really looking to acquire a lot of other companies or even libraries, but as far as partnerships and things of that nature I think there’s a lot of exciting things that people can do.”

Rumors Of Goldberg Signing With All Elite Wrestling

“I have spent some time with Bill, I really like Bill, a lot, and he’s one of the greatest drawing cards ever in the business. He’s a huge star, a household name, and yeah, obviously, I really like Bill, we’ve bonded a lot, because both of us are passionate about football. It’s fun hanging out with Bill. if the situation was right, obviously. Bill in Wrestlemania less than two years ago was defending the WWE Championship, Bill was a good star, and a great attraction. I haven’t agreed to anything with Bill, but I like him a lot. He’s awesome”

AEW Office Employees Treated Like Sports Executives

“Some of the people working with us are still independent contractors. And what I am doing is a lot of people are doing full-time office jobs. The people doing full-time office jobs have similar benefits to other sports executives and I have a lot of sports executives that are currently working with us here in Florida at the Jaguars, so what I’ve said is ‘Okay, well you’re sports executives so I can set you up with healthcare packages.’ But at the end of the day a lot of people are doing office jobs, so a lot of wrestlers are gonna end up with healthcare out of this.”

Challenges For All Elite Wrestling

“It’s gonna be a challenge every week to provide a compelling product, as we go forward and deliver something people want to see regularly, that people will pay to see, and that will make it a profitable business. I think that’s very important, I think it will be on the company to deliver something that people want to see and I think we have the performers that can deliver that, we have the brainpower within the organization to deliver that. So, I think it’s not gonna be easy, everyone has to work really hard, but I think that’s the challenge that everybody’s up too.”

On Not Ending Up Like WCW 

I wanna grow this into being something, that the wrestling community will embrace top to bottom, beginning to end, every show. We’re going to give you things you’re going to enjoy. I don’t want to give anything you’re not going to enjoy now. There is no reason for that. I think what we have is a group of people with so much talent, and so much wrestling know how. I think we’re going to generate a wrestling show like really feels like a live show, that truly anything can have. You don’t want to look half assed deal, you want spontaneity. People had no idea what we are going to do.

Watch the full interview below:


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Source Select Quotes Courtesy of WrestlingInc.com
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