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Former WWE Superstar Eva Marie Set To Enter Celebrity Big Brother

Eva Marie Set To Be In Reality TV Show

Former WWE Superstar Eva Marie is set to be a house guest in the next season of Celebrity Big Brother.

Footage surfaced online showing Big Brother producers asking Marie what she will mss the most from the outside world while she is inside the [Big Brother] house.

“Okay, that’s easy,” Eva replied. “Being in the house..”

Big Brother is set to have cast members enter the house this on 1/14 according to reports from Big Blabber, a Big Brother news website.

The season premiere of Celebrity Big Brother 2 is set to air on 1/21 on CBS.

Eva Marie was also a member of the WWE’s reality TV show Total Divas from 2013 – 2019. Marie Marie was released from the WWE on 8/4/17, and has been working as a model and actress.

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