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WWE Main Roster Call Ups Update

New WWE Stars Scheduled To Be At TV

Former NXT Stars EC3, Lacey Evans, Heavy Machinery, and Nikki Cross are all scheduled to be at television this upcoming week for both RAW and Smackdown according to PWInsider.

There is no indication whether any of these stars will be used on television, or simply work dark matches.

Mike Johnson mentioned on his PWInsider Elite audio that Heavy Machinery, Lacey Evans and EC3  scheduled to be on the road with the RAW crew, and Nikki Cross scheduled to be on the road with the Smackdown crew. Today he indicated they are all scheduled to be at both events.

This past week EC3 and Lacey Evans worked prior to RAW, which was originally thought to be a part of the Main Event television program, but ended up being a dark match.

Heavy Machinery worked a Smackdown dark match this past week as well. Nikki Cross has been on the road with the Smackdown crew doing live events.

Lars Sullivan isn’t listed as being at television this up-coming week, it may be due to the incidents that took place last week where he suffered an anxiety attack which caused him to miss RAW. He also didn’t appear at Smackdown, and left Jacksonville to head home to Colorado according to Dave Meltzer.


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