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All Elite Wrestling Television Update, Serious Negotiations Between Two Networks

Two Networks Have Offers On The Table

All Elite Wrestling is currently in serious negotiations for a weekly two-hour live prime time television show according to Dave Meltzer in the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer.

The negotiations were in place due to the Khan family’s business and personal connections. the value of wrestling and other live sports programming rights, the blueprint of the promotion, and the success of ALL IN.

Meltzer followed up recently in a post on the Wrestling Observer forums stating that their is two competing networks, one has the exposure, while the other is offering more money.

All Elite Wrestling trademarked the term “Tuesday Night Dynamite” when it initially filed numerous trademarks in November.

Meltzer notes that a Tuesday night show was the plan when they originally filed the trademarks. However, it is up to the network which day of the week the show will air. As of right now, Tuesday does look unlikely, but two hours of prime time television is still on the table with both deals.

Warner Media, LLC has been rumored to be in negotiations with AEW. They own TNT, and TBS. These negotiations have yet to be confirmed.



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