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‘WWF Superstars’ Episodes To Be Added To WWE Network

WWF Superstars Episodes From 1992 Will Be Added To WWE Network

The WWE Network will begin adding classic episodes of ‘WWF Superstars’ next Monday according to WWE Network News.

Approximately 30 episodes from 1992 will be added to the on-demand library. The program was syndicated from 1986 – 1996  before being moved to the USA Network.

In 1992, the WWE changed the name of the program from ‘Superstars Of Wrestling’ to “WWF Superstars’ due to a trademark filed by independent promoter Albert Patterson.

Albert still holds the trademark for the name ‘Superstars Of Wrestling’, and the WWE has blurred the name on archival footage.

Patterson also filed a lawsuit against TNA for the usage of the words ‘NWA and Superstars Of Wrestling’.

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