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WWE Planning On Adding Female Referees To Main Roster

Female Referees Coming To RAW and Smackdown

The WWE is planning on adding female referees to the main roster, according to Stephanie McMahon during a Royal Rumble Axxess Q&A session

NXT currently has Jessika Carr, formerly known as Kennadi Brink, and Aubrey Edwards, formerly known as Gearl Hebner as referees on the roster.

The WWE claims Jessika Carr is the first female referee in the company, despite the fact Rita Chatterton worked for the company during the 80s.

Chatteron was allegedly fired, after she claimed she was sexually assaulted by Vince McMahon. Any footage of Chatteron has been scrubbed by WWE, never to be shown publicly.

Footage of Chatteron working a match in 1985 can be seen below.


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