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Dean Ambrose Goes Off-Script During RAW

Ambrose Goes Off Script During Monday Night RAW

Dean Ambrose Wasn’t “Feeling” The Script WWE Gave Him During RAW

Dean Ambrose went off script last night on Monday Night RAW last night during his brief segment with Seth Rollins.

WWE decided to turn Dean Ambrose babyface, and had something scripted for him for his promo with Seth Rollins, but wasn’t “feeling it” according to Dave Meltzer at Wrestling Observer Radio.

“When the word usually gets out that somebody is leaving, the fans kinda turn on them for deserting them. One of the things they did to get ahead of the story. People starting cheering Dean Ambrose for wanting to leave”

They had something scripted, and Dean wasn’t feeling it, and Dean did what he did, and my god was it bad. Dean turned babyface by essentially wishing Seth Rollins luck in his match against Brock Lesnar”

Ambrose went to the ring and approached Seth Rollins saying “I only got one thing to say to you. Slay the beast”

Dean Ambrose was originally supposed to cut a longer promo, and speak on their time as The Shield, also mentioning Roman Reigns, but he decided he didn’t like the script. Meltzer explained that the original plan was scrapped by Dean himself, and he just went out and said a few words instead

Originally, he was actually supposed to explain why he would say ‘slay the beast’, but he didn’t, so he said ‘slay the beast’. It was one of those deals about, we started together and blah blah blah, the Sheild thing, the Romain Reigns thing and all that. I gotta say that that Dean Ambrose turn, the heel turn, it sure was a flop wasn’t it”

When news broke that Dean Ambrose was leaving the company in April, the WWE released their own statement.

One of the main reasons Ambrose is leaving the company is due to being unhappy. He is reportedly upset with having to do “hokey scripted promos”.

Based on last night’s unscripted segment, it seems Ambrose is continuing to be vocal about his feelings on what the WWE creative team writes for him.

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