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WWE Acquires Rights To ‘WarGames’ Trademark From MLW

WWE Struck A Deal With MLW To Own The Rights To The Name

WWE has acquired the rights and trademarks for the WarGames match from MLW according to PWInsider.

Multiple WWE sources have confirmed that WWE worked out a deal with Florida based Major League Wrestling for the rights to the name.

The WarGames match was originally created in 1987 by Dusty Rhodes, and was used by Jim Crocket Promotions. The Crocket family sold a majority interest in the company in 1988 to Turner Broadcasting, resulting in the creation of World Championship Wrestling.

WWE left the rights to the name dormant following its purchase of WCW in 2001. The company released a “Best Of War Games” DVD, but did not keep the concept of the match alive until 2017.

Major League Wrestling first used the match name and concept in 2003 featuring Funkin’ Army vs. The Extreme Horsemen. The company eventually trademarked the name due to no active rights holder, as WWE left the name dormant.

WWE revived the WarGames concept and match for NXT in 2017. The company could not trademark the name due to MLW owning the rights.

PWInsider confirmed that the WWE struck a deal with MLW several months back, and have acquired the rights to the name and match. MLW will no longer use the match going forward.

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