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All Elite Wrestling Initially Refused Multiple Trademarks Due To Application Issues

All Elite Wrestling Initial Application Refused

All Elite Wrestling have been initially refused multiple trademarks with the United States Trademark Office.

On 2/19 the United States Trademark office sent All Elite Wrestling correspondence outlining reasoning why filings for the following trademarks were initially refused.

  • All Elite Wrestling
  • AEW
  • AEW All Out
  • AEW Double Or Nothing
  • Change The Universe
  • Fight For The Fallen

The reason for the refusal is a filing issue on AEW’s part. The legal team who processed the trademark application mis-classified a number of goods and services categories, as well as non-payment of fees due to improper classification.

The official verbiage listed from the trademark office for multiple trademarks include:

  • Amendment to Classification and Identification of Goods and Services Required; and
  • Multiple-Class Application Requirements.
  • Disclaimer Required
  • Likelihood Of Confusion

For the “AEW Double Or Nothing” filing, the trademark office initially refused the application due to “Likelihood Of Confusion: with over 75 different trademarks.

The application also did not include the appropriate amount of fees needed, which need to be paid. 

According to documents obtained by Heel By Nature, the United States Trademark office stated “The application identifies goods and/or services that are classified in at least 13 classes; however, applicant submitted a fee sufficient for only 9 class.”

The United States Trademark Office also stated “The fee for adding classes to a TEAS Reduced Fee (RF) application is $275 per class”

The issues outlined will need to be fixed within 6 months, or AEW could be forced to abandon the trademarks.

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