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Former WWE Manager Wally Yamaguchi Passes Away

Yasuke Yamaguchi, better known as Wally Yamaguchi has passed away at age 61.

The news comes from Jimmy Suzuki, the President of Tokyo Championship Wrestling. He stated “My best friend Wally Yamaguchi (Yamaguchi San)passed away . He had stroke about one year ago. Had hart problem as well and he was on bed for about one year. I’ll have my show on March 13 as TCW Wally Yamaguchi Memorial Show. R.I.P.

Wally Yamaguchi is best known to WWE fans as “Yamaguchi-San”, the manager of Kaientai Deluxe. His most memorable moments came during the group’s rivalry with Val Venis.

Wally’s brother Shun Yamaguchi currently works for WWE as the Japanese language announcer.


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