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Ronda Rousey Asking For Tips On How To Be A Heel Towards Canadians

"Your poutine looks like vomit"

Following WWE’s live event in Toronto last night, Ronda Rousey was bombarded with fans leaving the Coca Cola Coliseum parking lot.

The WWE RAW Women’s Champion asks for some help from fans on how to be better heel towards Canadians.

One fan says he’s a huge fan, and asks for an autograph, which led Ronda to say “I can’t be nice to you, but I appreciate it”

Ronda continues to ask the crowd “What else can I say about people in Canada, what don’t people like”

One fan suggests she can say “We have bad poutine”

Ronda replied with “Your poutine looks like vomit. The Leafs suck, you Canucks. Canucks in a derogatory sense, not the nice one.”

Following the coverage of Ronda Rousey’s rant on Youtube where she stated “wrestling is scripted”, the RAW Women’s Champion used posted the following on Twitter.

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