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Enzo Amore Explains Why He ‘Invaded’ WWE Survivor Series

Enzo Amore Speaks On Survivor Series Incident

Enzo Amore recently sat down with RF Video on what really happened the night he invaded WWE Survivor Series 2018.

Enzo wore a disguise, and purchased a $2500 ticket to attend the show which he found what a great return on his investment. The reasoning behind him pulling this stunt was in order to gain exposure on a marketing level for his projects outside of wrestling.

He explained the exposure alone on social media was worth it, and spoke how expensive it is to trend on Twitter. The cost of the ticket was small in comparison to the the amount of people who would be talking about him after the incident.

Enzo said he didn’t mean any disrespect to the wrestler’s in the ring, and said he did it immediately after his cover was blown.

Enzo joked that WWE security team member Lisa did not hurt him, but if she did he would have taken legal action.

He also mentioned how the company attempted to call him multiple times before Survivor Series, but he didn’t answer, and has no idea why they wanted to speak with him.

Enzo Amore recently sat down with RF Video & Title Match to talk about what really happened the night he invaded WWE Survivor Series. Enzo wore a disguise, bought a $2500 ticket & sat through a good portion of the show before jumping on his seat, expressing his presence to all the fans in attendance. This was one of the most talked about incidents from the entire Survivor Series PPV & was even trending on Twitter after it happened. Although Enzo Amore was ejected by security, the story was everywhere.

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