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Ric Flair Set To Undergo Surgery Today

During last night’s NBA Halftime Show Charles Barkley mentioned Ric Flair is undergoing surgery today.

According to PWInsider, Flair’s surgery is confirmed for today, but the nature of the procedure is currently unknown.

Last year, Flair underwent a ileostomy procedure, which involved closing a stoma, which eliminates the need for any external waste pouch.

In August 2017, Flair was hospitalized, and placed into a medically induced coma, following early stages of kidney failure, and congestive heart failure.

Doctors said he had a 20 percent chance of surviving, but he ended up pulling through after part of his bowel was removed, and a pacemaker was inserted.

Ric Flair was recently featured on WWE television for his 70th Birthday Celebration. He shot an angle which had Batista attack him.

Once details are known regarding his procedure today, updates will be posted.

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