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WWE Legal Documents Claim Indie Wrestler Expressed Interest To Portray ‘Sister Abigail’ Character Prior To Submitting Own Trademark

WWE is attempting to stop independent wrestler Tatevik Hunanyan from securing the trademark for the name “Sister Abigail”.

The independent wrestler filed a trademark for the name last year with The United States Trademark Office.

WWE has opposed the filing, and states that Hunanyan worked as an extra for the in 2016 and 2017 and expressed a desire to portray the “Sister Abigail” character in WWE programming.

Tatevik Hunanyan proceeded to file the trademark on 6/5/19, and was met with WWE lawyers attempting to stop the independent wrestler from securing the name.

According to legal documents obtained by Heel By Nature, WWE claims “The SISTER ABIGAIL Mark is uniquely and exclusively associated with WWE and has become indelibly linked in the public’s mind in exclusive association with and in exclusive sponsorship by WWE”.

Excerpts from the legal documents can be seen below.

Tatevik was recently a participant in WWE’s search for their next female star.

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