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Report: WWE Interested In Signing Joey Ryan

Joey Ryan Recently In Talks With WWE

WWE is interested in signing independent star Joey Ryan following his release from Lucha Underground.

According to Dave Meltzer in the recent edition of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE has had communication with Ryan after receiving word he is a free agent. Although no official offer was given, WWE asked if he was willing to move to Orlando, work a few years as a performer, then move into a coaching position.

Ryan, who currently lives in Los Angeles earns more working the independent circuit than the usual NXT salary. Ryan would have taken the offer if was 10 years younger, but at 39, a pay cut to start with WWE is likely something he won’t do.

In a 2017 interview with Sports Illustrated Ryan spoke on why not signing with WWE would be in his best interest. “Right now, I know I’m making above average WWE money, and I’m making my own rules and setting my own schedule,” said Ryan. He also mentioned how his current gimmick would not work in WWE. “But in the PG-era of WWE, I don’t think the Joey Ryan character would be doing anything with the penis in WWE. The super, powerful penis would not be part of his repertoire in WWE. I don’t think that’s the place for it.”

Many believe Ryan will eventually end up in All Elite Wrestling, that is if an offer is given that is more than he is currently making working the independent circuit.

Meltzer added “I guess when Ryan didn’t jump at the change they decided to make Bobby Roode into Joey Ryan”.

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