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Veteran Wrestler Savagely Shoots On Opponent During Match At Indie Show

Veteran pro-wrestler Brad Anderson decided he wanted to go into business for himself, and shoot on younger wrestler Jacob Ryan.

Video footage shows Anderson brutally assaulting Jacob Ryan during their match at Sunday’s RWA wrestling event in High Point, North Carolina.

Brad Anderson, son of Gene Anderson began his career with Jim Crockett Promotions under his real name as well as the masked “Zan Panzer” and “Agent Steele”.

The promotion ran an angle at their last event where Jacob Ryan attacked Carter Anderson, son of Brad Anderson. This was reportedly a “receipt” for that angle.

At our last live event, Carter Anderson, the grandson of Gene Anderson was in the ring preparing to address the crowd about the status of his Professional Wrestling Training and his plans to carry the Anderson name into the 21st century, when he was viciously attacked by Jacob Ryan! 

RWA Promoter Julian Strauss addressed the situation on Facebook, and condemned Anderson’s actions.

IMPORTANT: As many of you may know there was an incident that occurred during the RWA event tonight. I hate to even address it publicly but so many untrue rumors are going around. First, we apologize to the fans, to the talent and to Jacob Ryan for the situation. The first rule of the squared circle is to protect your opponent. Whether you like them or not. Whether there is heat or not. Friend or foe, doesn’t matter in the ring. Sadly, an incident happened tonight that crossed that line. But, to shoot down these rumors, Jacob Ryan will be ok. No one is seriously hurt. No one from RWA approved this type of situation. What was supposed to be a realistic looking battle of generations went way too far and crossed many lines. It was unacceptable. It was shocking. It went way too far and nothing like this will ever be allowed to happen again. The person who did this should never be allowed back in a ring, anywhere, ever. This is just beyond sickening! But wanted to let everyone know that we apologize, and thank God that Jacob Ryan is ok.


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