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True Or False? Crazy Vince McMahon Stories Quiz





Vince McMahon Appeared On Television After Pooping His Pants.

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Jim Ross stated in an interview on Opie Radio, Vince found out that Gerald Brisco once puked after Jim Ross farted. Backstage during a RAW taping, Vince tracked down Brisco, tried to fart, but tried too hard and soiled his pants. Vince walked to the ring for a promo after soiling himself. He did tell the production team to keep the cameras above his waist during the segment.

Vince McMahon Found A Legal Loophole To Drive Without A Licence Plate

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Vince McMahon definitely has a licence plate on his car. Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple didn't want to put a license plate on his car. Jobs took advantage of a California legal loophole that gave drivers six months to put plates on their cars. Jobs would lease a new identical car twice a year.

Vince Once Got Into A Fist Fight With Kofi Kingston

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Chris Jericho wrote in his book, The Best In The World: At What I Have No Idea - Vince, Jericho, and Kofi Kingston were all on a plane together, when McMahon made a snide remark towards Kingston. Jericho explained to Kingston that he needs to stand up for himself, as McMahon was trying to test him. Kofi got into McMahon's face, and the two began fighting. Vince dropped Kofi with a double leg takedown. Kofi reportedly earned McMahon's respect after the altercation.

During the Monday Night Wars Vince McMahon sent flowers to Ted Turner's wife.

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Sounds like something Vince would do, but he actually didn't.

Vince McMahon Once Wrestled Under A Mask At A WWE Live Event

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Sgt. Slaughter stated in an interview that he once wrestled Vince McMahon at a WWE live event. The two were riding together, and Vince told Sarge he missed getting in the ring. Sarge told him to put on a mask, and one night at a smaller live event, him and Vince wrestled. Sarge states it wasn't the funnest time, but they got it done.

Vince McMahon Once Fired His Assistant For Breathing Too Loud

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Although it may be something we would expect from Vince, it is not true.

Vince McMahon Hates Sneezing

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Many former WWE employees have spoke on Vince McMahon's hatred of sneezing. Jim Ross stated "Vince can’t control his sneezing, like all of us, and he doesn’t like things occurring that he can’t control. Many of us found it a source of humor."

Vince McMahon Didn't Know What A Burrito Was

Fox Valley Foodie
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The following is the infamous "Vince McMahon Burrito Story" courtesy of PWTorch. Former WWE Creative Team writer Dan Madigan detailed the classic "Vince McMahon Burrito Story" that captures McMahon's quirks and how they translate to what makes WWE television. Madigan told PWTorch editor Wade Keller: "It's one of these stories that always repeats itself. I think the idea was they were trying to work an angle with Big Show and - like Andre (the Giant), here's a guy who is so physically big and physically imposing - what can you do to get over on Big Show? And how are you going to do it? "I think they were going to poison Big Show and give him a spiked burrito. The whole concept was: 'We're going to spike his food, spike the burrito, you cut to a vignette before that showing him eating it, and then he passes out in the ring.' So, Vince goes, 'Burrito?! Who the hell knows what a burrito is?' It was such a far concept. And everyone in the room goes, 'Well, we know what a burrito is.' And Vince goes, 'Well, where the hell have I been?' "But, the funny thing is, Wade, every day at noon, Vince's secretary would walk into the office - the writing room - with a burrito. It was a steak-wrap cut in half. And he would put ketchup on it. Every day, he was eating a burrito and not knowing what it was. But, that's the idea - when you're in a bubble and in a business where you're ostracized from society, it's you and them, that's it. Everyone else is an outsider, so things like that do make sense in the confines of the wrestling world."

Vince McMahon Once Attacked Harley Race After He Didn't Want To Sign A Contract

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Harley race mentioned in his book that he was taken to a restaurant by Vince McMahon. McMahon offered him a contract, which he politely declined. Once Vince realized the answer was actually “No,” he attempted to tackle Race from behind, still in the restaurant, and take him down.

Vince McMahon Once Flew The WWE Corporate Jet For Fun

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Don't let the photo fool you. This photo shows Vince McMahon touring a U.S Airforce plane at the Transit Center at Manas, Kyrgyzstan. Vince has never flown the WWE corporate jet, as far as we know.

True Or False? Crazy Vince McMahon Stories Quiz
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