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AEW On TNT Will Be Rated TV-14




All Elite Wrestling will be rated TV-14 once it begins airing on TNT in October.

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the show is being categorized as a sports event, rather than entertainment, and will have a rating of TV-14. The decision was made by TNT and AEW to go behind the PG rating. TNT has given AEW specific bylaws that must be adhered to in order to ensure no boundaries are crossed. The show will be more edgier and risque compared to WWE’s current PG offerings.

Programs rated TV-14 may contain crude humor, drug/alcohol use, inappropriate language, strong violence (may include some amounts of blood and gore), and moderate suggestive themes or dialogue according to the FCC.

TNT sent the following synopsis for AEW’s debut on 10/2 to cable providers.

The inaugural weekly card, from Washington, D.C. AEW introduces statistics to pro wrestling and allows competitors to showcase their athleticism. Chris Jericho, The Young Bucks and Cody and Brandi Rhodes are among the headliners.


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