AEW Stars Reportedly Involved In Backstage Altercation At All Out

Sadie Gibbs Reportedly Took A Swing At Bea Priestly

A backstage altercation reportedly took place at the Sears Centre in Chicago during All Elite Wrestling’s All Out pay-per-view Saturday night.

According to Casey Michael of Squared Circle Sirens, Sadie Gibbs took a swing at Bea Priestly backstage during the event. Michael noted, “Sadie is a real one for swinging on Bea backstage last night.”

It’s unknown what led to this apparent backstage scuffle, but judging by the actions during the Casino Battle Royale match, you can see the two no-selling each others moves.

Sadie posted the following clip on Instagram, which clearly showed Bea Priestly no selling a Gorilla Press Slam during the match

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