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Brandi Rhodes Announces ‘AEW Heels’, Community For Female Wrestling Fans

Brandi Rhodes is launching “a new community for women who love wrestling”.

All Elite Wrestling’s Chief Brand Officer announced “AEW Heels”, a community specially for female wrestling fans.

“I would like to be heard. I’d like to feel included. I’d like to feel respected. I would love a sense of community. I’d like to be taken seriously. I’d like to just be myself. I want to know that I matter, that my thoughts, my perspective, my ideas, my creativity, my happiness… I want to know that it matters. I’d like to do more than just watch. I’d like to actually contribute. I’d like to be part of a movement. I’d like for everyone to feel confident in their own heels,”

Check out the teaser video below.

More information on “AEW Heels” is set to be revealed on May 22.

Special thanks to WrestlingInc for the quotes.

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