Chris Jericho Puts WWE, Impact, and ROH On Notice, Takes Shots At Brock Lesnar

Chris Jericho can be brutally honest at times, and had no issues putting three major promotions on blast following WWE’s Royal Rumble.

Jericho sent out a message directed at WWE, Ring Of Honor, and Impact Wrestling stating that he loves watching the companies push all their random stars, but All Elite Wrestling is only interested in 6-8 of their talent.

Jericho went on to state “We don’t need you”

Jericho also took shots at WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, eluding to the fact that he may not be intimidating anymore due to putting on some weight. Jericho states that he needs to “pull up his pants and lose the gut”

A fan tweeted that WWE stars such as Zack Ryder, and Tyler Breeze were “wasted talent”, and that they should reach out to Cody Rhodes or Chris Jericho. Jericho responded with “Not interested..”

One fan suggested that Jericho might be drunk tweeting, which Jericho quickly shut down.

It’s safe to say that Jericho will continue to respond to any questions, or criticism he faces over his tweets. The big question is, will any stars from ROH, Impact, or WWE respond publicly?

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