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Is Chris Jericho Trying To Setup A Future Match With Brock Lesnar?

Jericho’s Recent Tweets Reportedly A Work

Chris Jericho recently took to Twitter and took shots at WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar.

The tweet towards Brock Lesnar, which have now been deleted read “Intimidation and fear goes a LONG way in our business guys. But let’s be honest, @BrockLesnar needs to pull up his pants and lose the gut… the dream is over dude. I don’t play by the script… @wwe @AEWrestling.”

According to Dave Meltzer, this is Chris Jericho’s way of trying to work fans, and build something down the road

If All Elite Wrestling wishes to try and secure Brock Lesnar after his WWE deal expires, this initial tweet could be the catalyst to get the ball rolling.

Meltzer discussed the topic briefly on the Wrestling Observer Forums, where he compared Jericho’s latest tweet to how he built up an angle with Kenny Omega on social media.

Dave Meltzer stated “You read the Observer and you’re supposed to see through this. All you guys need to stop falling for guys shooting angles, Same MO as before he shot angle with Kenny”

Meltzer added I know things on this subject weeks ago. I don’t write anything, especially as much as it hurts my hand, unless I have knowledge. He is 100% working you here if you think these are drunk tweets.””

When a reader asked if Jericho would be interested in Brock Lesnar coming to AEW once his WWE contract expired, Meltzer replied “If it was up to Jericho, of course. If you were Jericho, and with the back story that is real, wouldn’t you want to do that?”

Dave Meltzer is good friends with Chris Jericho, and it’s known that Jericho does bounce ideas off him.

The big question now, is WWE willing to enter a bidding war with AEW to ensure they don’t lose Brock Lesnar?

The Khan Family’s wealth, and Brock Lesnar’s appetite for money could create quite the interesting scenario if AEW decides to pursue him.

Brock Lesnar signs short term deals with WWE, which often are renewed, and with WWE’s new FOX deal coming in October, Vince McMahon’s bank account will also increase.