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Jim Ross Accidentally Stabs Himself Opening Christmas Gift (Graphic Photo)

AEW Announcer Shares Aftermath Of Incident

Jim Ross Knives

All Elite Wrestling announcer Jim Ross inadvertently stabbed himself trying to open a Christmas gift he received from his daughter.

Ross revealed on Twitter that his daughter Amanda sent him a set of Japanese knives for Christmas. When Ross attempted to open the packaging, the blade from one of the knives struck him under the fingernail, then punctured his stomach.

Too funny not to share. Received 2 amazingly SHARP, Japanese knives from daughter Amanda for Christmas but I wasn’t careful when unpacking them. Stuck under finger nail and then my stomach on the react. All”s well nonetheless

Judging by the lighthearted tweets following the post, it seems Ross is fine, despite the amount of blood.

Ross shared a photo of bloody paper towels surrounding the knives.