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Do Mike & Maria Kanellis Have Backstage Heat Following Pregnancy Announcement?

Mike and Maria Didn’t Inform WWE Of Pregnancy Until After New Contract Was Signed

This past Monday on RAW we saw Mike and Maria Kanellis make a surprise appearance, and face Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch in a Mixed Tag Match.

Before Maria Kanellis could compete in the match, she announced she was pregnant. In storyline she feels that Mike is not man enough to impregnate her, and this could be something WWE did intentionally to bury the couple.

The duo recently signed a 5-year deal with WWE, and reportedly did not advise WWE of their pregnancy until after the deal was signed. This some people backstage to believe that this past Monday’s angle was done as way to get back at them according to Mike Johnson of PWInsider.

“There are a lot of people in the company who theorized with me that the entire thing was scripted, as their way to get back at Maria and Mike” Johnson stated. “They signed a deal, she got pregnant right away, back on TV in a minor role, WWE finally signs them to a new contract, and let’s face it they are at the bottom of the ladder in the company.”

“They invest in them, in what some people believe is a new 5-year deal, and they are pregnant again. Some people have definitely raised their eyebrows, sometimes you don’t plan things out, that happens it’s life, but some people in that company have definitely raised their eyebrows to me going ‘really? are you kidding me?’”

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Tough as a Mother.

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Maria Kanellis took to social media to reveal her pregnancy test, in case anyone had doubts. WWE wrote an article about it, and Mike Kanellis responded with “The announcement Monday wasn’t good enough?