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Drake Maverick May Have Legitimately Peed Himself Due To Prop Malfunction




Drake Maverick Survivor Series

Drake Maverick Urination Angle May Have Went Wrong

Drake Maverick has been at the tail end of many jokes since his “pee incident” at WWE Survivor Series. The segment that turned into a viral meme within the wrestling community might have had some technical difficulties that caused Maverick to legitimately urinate on himself

In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer talks about a story backstage that the gimmick that Drake Maverick had in his pants didn’t work as planned, and the AOP manager had to improvise by peeing himself legitimately.

A version of the story, which was not confirmed, is that the gimmick didn’t work and Maverick actually had to really piss on himself to make the angle work. But originally, he wasn’t going to have to. Sheamus was distracted by this and it led to his downfall as the AOP gave him a double-team neckbreaker and Rezar pinned him.

Video footage of the incident shows him attempting to adjust something, but it certainly looks like he was having some issues.