Report: IMPACT Wrestling Responds To Talent Unhappy With Late Merchandise Royalty Payments

IMPACT Wrestling sources have responded to displeasure from talent who are unhappy with their merchandise royalities.

In a report from Mike Johnson of PWInsider, IMPACT sources have responded to stories of talent being unhappy with the lateness, and in some case the amount of their merchandise royalties.

Mike Johnson states, “We are told by a company source that talents have the contractual right to ask for an audit of their merchandise records, but to date, no talent has requested one.”

According to Wrestlezone, multiple IMPACT wrestlers have stated they are still owed merchandise royalty payments. The company’s royalty schedule has talent paid quarterly on earnings on merchandise. The company recently implemented a new travel policy, which pays for talent lodging. The report indicates some talent believe the new travel subsidy is the company trying to “make good” on behind behind on merchandise royalty payments.

Although IMPACT sources indicate no talent have asked to audit their merchandise records, explanations have reportedly been given to talent on late payments, including sales data issues, as well as personnel changes.


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