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Big Cass Kicked Out Of WrestlePro Event, Taken To Hospital For Erratic Behavior

Big Cass was taken to local hospital following several incidents tonight at the WreslePro event in Rahway, NJ.

According to PWInsider, Cass was acting “erratic and aggressive” throughout the evening, leading a series of events which had him physically removed from the arena.

Cass was invited as surprise guest in a battle royal for the event. The event was a sendoff for WrestlePro owner Pat Buck, who worked his last match, as he recently signed a deal with WWE to work as a backstage producer.

At one point in the evening Cass approached Joey Janella in a very aggressive manner. This was reportedly due to an incident that occured with Janella and Enzo Amore at a Blink-182 concert. At one point one source indicates Cass slapped Janella. The two shared a locker room the night before at a Northeast Wrestling event with no incident.

Big Cass later ended up in a room with Pat Buck and AEW stars SCU, as they were going over their match later that night. Cass began accusing everyone of stealing his belongings, and acting in a threatening manner. At one point he spit in Pat Buck’s face, before being punched and taken down by Buck. Cass acted confused wondering why he was hit, and didn’t seem to know what was going on.

Rahway Police who were in the building then escorted Cass outside, and the show went on as planned. Police officers searched his car, and at one point fans mentioned Cass began speaking in a manner about himself that caused concern with police. Officers called an ambulance, which took Cass to a nearby hospital for evaluation.