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Jim Cornette Joins NWA Commentary Team

Longtime pro wrestling agent and manager, Jim Cornette, will be providing color commentary for the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA).

Cornette is joining play-by-play commentator, Joe Galli, on NWA’s broadcast team.

The wrestling promotion is returning to studio television that will be taped on September 30th and October 1st.

The venue of the two wrestling events are to occur in GPB Studios, based in Atlanta, Georgia.

As a result, it’s very likely that NWA’s new television series will receive distributed state-wide broadcasting through the multiple television stations under Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB).

The last three NWA events were successful with live streaming on FITE TV, including their 70th Anniversary Show.

Jim Cornette is generally associated with the NWA due to his “claim to fame” of being the manager for ‘The Midnight Express’ tag team for NWA Tennessee territories in the 1980s.

The NWA is under the ownership of Smashing Pumpkins’ lead singer and guitarist, Billy Corgan.

In additon, NWA’s new TV series receives production by Lightning One, Billy Corgan’s production company.

The NWA is known for being one of the most oldest existing wrestling promotions; since 1948.

In the 21st Century, the promotion is also known for their on-and-off partnership with Ring of Honor (ROH) for several years.

However, they have since split, over the Summer, due to NWA’s success under Corgan.

In conclusion, if you wish to attend the two upcoming events, tickets are already on sale, general admission is $30 per day, the VIP experience is $100 per day, arrive early to pick your seating, etc.

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