NWA Issues Apology Following Offensive Comments Made By Jim Cornette During ‘NWA Powerrr’ Broadcast

David Lagana of the National Wrestling Alliance issued an apology following offensive language used during their broadcast of tonight’s NWA Powerrr.

During a match between Nick Aldis and Trevor Murdoch, Jim Cornette made a comment which was racially insensitive and depicted stereotypes.

Cornette stated, “Trevor Murdoch is the only person he knows who can strap a bucket of fried chicken on his back and make it across Ethiopia”

NWA issued a formal apology on Twitter indicating the program has been taken down while they “correct” the error.

On tonight’s episode of NWA Powerr airing on November 19th 2019, one of our talents made comments which some viewers found offensive. We deeply regret the error and apologize.

We have temporarily taken the program down while we correct this error.

Many have questioned how this commentary made it on air, as the show is pre-taped prior to airing on Youtube every Tuesday evening.

This isn’t the first apology NWA has made following remarks from Jim Cornette. Earlier this month the company issued a statement indicating they do not endorse comments made by Jim Cornette making light of suicide.

NWA has pulled the episode from Youtube. Jim Cornette has yet to make a statement regarding the remarks made.


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