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Sasha Banks Reportedly Tried To Quit WWE




Sasha Banks Unhappy Following Title Loss At Wrestlemania 35

Sasha Banks is reportedly unhappy following her and Bayley’s loss at Wrestlemania 35.

According to Dave Meltzer in the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, a source high up in the WWE states that Sasha Banks tried to quit this past weekend.

Banks is unhappy due to losing the Women’s Tag Team Titles, and believed her and Bayley’s run would be longer and more meaningful. The duo planned to defend the titles on RAW, Smackdown, and NXT.

Two other stories have also come out stating Banks needs a few weeks to make a decision regarding her future, and that she is simply unhappy in the WWE.

According to one person high up, Banks tried to quit over the weekend, as she felt blindsided when finding out at the last minute that they were taking the tag team titles from her and Bayley. She had thought that the two of them would be given a chance to have a strong run and bring credibility to the belts and establish them as serious belts. Then the decision was made to go to the Iiconics, who as champions, could only make the belts seem like gimmick comedy belts. Basically she has been given a few weeks to think things out before sticking to a choice the company believes may have been made as a rash decision. Anyway, that’s been largely confirmed by others but probably will be denied very quickly. A second person said she’s been given time to figure out what she wants to do, whether stay or go, but couldn’t confirm the reason why, but said that she probably wouldn’t have known the finish of that match until late and did believe she and Bayley were going to be given a shot at making the belts mean something. It was noted in particular that the storyline of defending them on Raw, Smackdown and NXT started, so it was logical for them to assume a run of defending in all those places. A third person just said she was clearly unhappy.

Sasha Banks missed WWE RAW, and an appearance on The Wendy Williams show on Tuesday morning. Wendy Williams told her audience that Banks had a family emergency to tend to.

Banks is currently on vacation in Dominican Republic with her husband, and WWE star Kalisto and his wife.


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