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Several WWE Stars Dealing With Illness




Several WWE Stars Currently Ill

WWE is currently dealing with several stars on the roster dealing with illness. Finn Balor is said to be the most severe case as he was sent home from tour last week in South America, and needs medical clearance for physical contact.

Dave Meltzer noted in this week’s Wrestling Observer two other instances, that don’t seem as severe, but still noteworthy. Bobby Roode has been having issues with speaking, and despite him working

RAW this past week and winning the tag team titles, he was still able to get through a match and a promo.Alexa Bliss is also ill, which not that severe, did cause creative changes this past Monday. Bliss was scheduled to have a longer promo, but that was cut short, and Nia Jax ended up carrying that segment. Meltzer also notes that as a the reason she left before the interaction with Rousey began.

Meltzer speculated that that the reason Mandy Rose vs. Naomi didn’t happen on Smackdown could have been because Rose is also ill. The storyline reason was that The Miz and Shane McMahon had a match that wasn’t scheduled, and it caused them to go over in time.

It was noted that several stars are ill, these are only a few cases known at this time.