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Triple H Comments On All Elite Wrestling During NXT Takeover Conference Call



WWE hosted a NXT Takeover: Phoenix media call today with Triple H ahead of the event this Saturday.

A number of topics were discussed, including the new wrestling startup All Elite Wrestling.

Triple H is one not to shy away from the media, even if it’s about competition. He was asked by Jason Powell at ProWrestling.net about All Elite Wrestling, and it possibly being competition for the WWE.

Triple H stated that AEW is something they will keep an eye on, as the WWE is a content provider that does compete against everyone.

Jason Powell asked “It’s no secret, a new player in the game with AEW, does that change anything with you guys, even if it’s from a contractual standpoint, feeling the need to pay more to get the top tier talent, or just in anyway for you guys”

Triple H responded “It’s clearly something that we will keep an eye, and clearly something that they are out there doing their business, but what we will do whats right for our business, what’s right for WWE, what we feel is right for the fans, the WWE Universe, our fanbase, everybody in general, and what’s right for us”

Triple H followed up with “They’re all business decisions, and we will continue to monitor everything, and we say it all the time, and it’s the truth, and it’s not just a competitor like that, we compete against everything, and I know you’ve heard it said, in the business world today, when you’re a content provider, you compete against everything including sleep, including the internet, so you want to keep your eye on everything, and try to be as relevant as possible at all times, in every front, we continue to monitor that, like we monitor everything, and continue to do what’s best for WWE”.

It’s no secret that the WWE is keeping their eye on all competition, and with the company attempting to acquire more talent, an retain current stars to longer deals, All Elite Wrestling is something that is on their radar.

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