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Unreleased NES Game Featuring WCW Stars From 1989 Has Been Unearthed



Rare NES Game Discovered Featuring WCW Stars

An unreleased NES video game featuring the stars of World Championship Wrestling has been unearthed by a game collector.

Stephan “Archon 1981″ Reese” posted a video on his Youtube channel of a video game he purchased from a former Nintendo employee.

The game, which had previously not been announced, saw the light of day for the first time following Reese’s upload on Youtube.

The test cartridge Reese purchased from the former Nintendo employee had a game titled “UWC”, which stands for Universal Wrestling Corporation.

Universal Championship Wrestling was a placeholder name when Ted Turner was in the process of purchasing Jim Crocket Promotions in 1988. Shortly after the purchase, UWC was re-named World Championship Wrestling.

The came was produced by Japanese company SETA, and features stars such as Road Warriors, Sting, Dusty Rhodes, and Ric Flair.

It’s unknown why the game was never announced, or released. WCW eventually released a game titled “WCW Wrestling” for the NES console in 1990.

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