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AJ Styles On WWE Travel Issues, ‘I Don’t Know What Happened Between Vince And The Prince’

AJ Styles is the first WWE Superstar to break their silence regarding details surrounding travel delays leaving Saudi Arabia.

Styles spoke on the subject during a Mixer gaming stream Sunday night. He feels like the story has been blown out of proportion.

AJ Styles states the first issue had to do with paperwork, then the person who could refuel the plane had to go home, which he thought was odd. By the time the plane was fuelled, the pilots had to rest due to their shift being timed out.

Atlas Air’s made a statement indicating a mechanical issue caused the 24 hour delay. The airline made no mention of a fuel delay, or pilots needing rest.

AJ Styles Speaks On WWE Travel Issues In Saudi Arabia (Video)

AJ Styles also mentioned he isn’t privy to any information regarding what happened between Vince McMahon and the Prince.

Numerous reports have surfaced over the last 48 hours indicating issues between the WWE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including non-payment of the WWE Super ShowDown event in June.

WWE has not replied to a follow-up request to comment on the allegations.

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