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Backstage News On When Asuka Found Out She Was Winning RAW Women’s Championship


Becky Lynch made a major announcement during Monday Night RAW, revealing she is relinquishing the RAW Women’s Championship due to pregnancy.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider Elite provided some backstage details surrounding the announcement, including when Asuka was made aware of the situation.

WWE pre-taped the Money In The Bank ladder match on April 15, and Asuka did not know the match would be for the RAW Women’s Championship at the that time.

The segment where Becky Lynch announced her pregnancy was pre-taped Monday afternoon, and Asuka was made aware when she arrived at the taping.

Asuka was not aware she was winning the RAW women’s Championship, we were told she was made aware yesterday when she got to the taping. Her reaction, while she knew what was going on in the segment, was very legitimately shock and excitement yesterday we were told.

Asuka is now the second female to become a Grand Slam Champion in WWE. She has won the RAW, SmackDown, NXT Women’s and Women’s Tag Team Championship.

She also is the first female competitor to win all those championships, and the Women’s Royal Rumble and Money In the Bank ladder match.