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Backstage Notes On Eminem’s WWE 2K20 Deal Falling Apart




Earlier this year, news broke that Eminem was scheduled to work on WWE’s 2k20 soundtrack. The original story was broken by Fightful, and they have provided an update how that deal has now fallen apart.

Following the initial report, Pro Wrestling Sheet followed up with Eminem’s representative Dennis Dennehy, who stated there was a meeting between unnamed parties, but did not specify who who was involved. He stated that the deal in question would not be happening. Dennehy then reached out to Fightful to setup a call, but did not follow up.¬†Dennehy then left his job as Executive Vice President at Interscope, but remained a representative from Eminem.

“2K and Universal came to an agreement in the hours before Fightful reported the news,” Fightful Select stated. “Eminem personally didn’t even know of the agreement that was reached as of yet, and neither did most in WWE, which led to much finger pointing as it relates to the situation. The deal fell apart accordingly, despite efforts being made by many to calm the situation.”

The deal was reportedly brokered by Universal and 2K games, with very few in the WWE actually being aware of such deal. The terms of the deal were not signed, but rather “came to terms” and “agreed”. Following the story breaking, both representatives from Universal and Eminem were upset and caught off guard. Eminem personally did not know of the agreement, and neither did most in WWE. The deal then fell apart, and ultimately Eminem had no involvement in the up-coming WWE 2k20 game.

Fightful Select reached out to Universal Media Group and WWE, both who did not respond. 2K games did respond with the following comment, “Soundtracks and projects are constantly in development at 2K, but an agreement has not yet been finalized with any artist for our impending slate of games.”

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