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Dean Ambrose Reportedly Leaving WWE Once Contract Expires After Wrestlemania

Dean Ambrose Turns Down New Contract

Dean Ambrose is reportedly leaving the WWE after his contract expires in April.

According to Wade Keller at PWTorch, Dean Ambrose reportedly turned down a new offer from the WWE, which included a pay raise.

According to the report, Dean Ambrose gave his notice to management this past weekend at the Royal Rumble.

Ambrose was offered a new contract and a raise weeks ago, but reportedly turned those down, and did have a meeting directly with Vince McMahon over the weekend.

Ambrose reportedly indicated to management that he’s not interested in negotiating further, and that he isn’t attempting to get more money.

It’s expected that Ambrose is finishing up shortly after Wrestlemania, although it’s possible he could be written out of storylines sooner.

According to the report, Dean Ambrose is frustrated with the creative direction of his character, and apparently reached a breaking point recently.

A fellow wrestler spoke to Wade Keller stating that Dean’s “impossible to read”, and added that Ambrose “hates hokey shi*”

Mike Johnson at PWInsider has confirmed the story, and states Ambrose was offered a new five-year contract worth seven figures, which he did turn down.

The news was kept quiet during RAW last night according to Johnson, but did begin to spread to wrestlers once the show was over.

Dave Meltzer spoke briefly about the news on today’s edition of Wrestling Observer Radio. He stated that he hasn’t directly heard of the news, but based on PWTorch reporting it, he feels it to be legitimate.

Meltzer did add that he knows that Ambrose hates scripted interviews, and he gets upset when he has to do “hokey scripted interviews”.

Top WWE management and a small circle of close friends knew about Dean Ambrose decision this past weekend.