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FS1 Host Shocked WWE Stars Have Cover Their Own Transportation and Don’t Have a CBA




WWE RAW Women’s Champion Bayley was the special guest on FS1 Fair Game today, and spoke about her WWE fandom growing up, as well as life on the road.

Bayley spoke on how life on the road is tough, and travelling from town from town in a rental car takes its toll. She mentioned how she came close to running out of gas, and at times they are driving through “sketchy” parts of town.   Host Kristine Leahy was shocked to learn WWE stars didn’t have drivers, and had to drive on their own.

Judging from the clip, Bayley seemed a little uncomfortable having to defend WWE. She was quick to provide a response stating that it would be hard for the company to accommodate 30 stars on the road each week. Leahy feels the company has enough money to do so, and they should not have to rent their own cars.

Leahy also asked if WWE stars had a CBA(collective bargaining agreement), which Bayley answered no. WWE stars are not employees, and the company classifies them as independent contractors.

WWE stars are provided plane tickets to travel from home to the road, but are required to cover their own expenses once they land in a city. WWE will provide air transportation for longer trips as well.  Talent must cover their rental cars, accommodations, and meals. WWE provides catering at the event, as well as covers transportation for media appearances.

The following is an excerpt from a standard WWE contract

  WRESTLER shall be responsible for providing all costumes, wardrobe, props, and make‑up necessary for the performance of WRESTLER’s services at any Event and WRESTLER shall bear all costs incurred in connection with her transportation to and from any such Events (except for those transportation costs which are covered by PROMOTER’s then current Travel Policy), as well as the costs of food consumed and hotel lodging utilized by WRESTLER in connection with her appearance at such Events.
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