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Jeff Hardy Issued New Court Date Following DWI Offense

Judge Issues New Court Date In Jeff Hardy DWI Case

Jeff Hardy has been issued a new court date following a DWI offence in October.

Hardy was originally scheduled to appear in Moore County Court in North Carolina to face charges on 11/7, but that date was pushed back to 12/5 due to personal circumstances according to his attorney. has learned Hardy has been given yet another court date. During a hearing on 12/5, Hardy was issued a new court date on 1/13 in Moore County Court.

Jeff Hardy was arrested on 10/3 following after being observed weaving between lanes.

The police report indicates, Hardy explained to officers he got into a fight with his wife, after the officer noticed dried blood on his nose.

The report didn’t provide any additional details on Hardy’s domestic dispute with his wife, rather questioned him about about his alcohol use, and driving while impaired.

Hardy was uncooperative when asked for a breathalyzer or blood sample. The officer was granted a search warrant from a judge, and then called EMS to draw blood from Hardy, which confirmed he was Driving While Impaired.

WWE issued a statement following his arrest, indicating “Jeff Hardy is responsible for his own personal actions.”

Jeff Hardy was arrested this past July in Myrtle Beach, SC. He was cited for public intoxication, and paid a $153 bond for release.

Jeff was arrested for a DWI last year, following a car accident. Hardy was driving his 2016 Cadillac when he ran off the roadway and struck a guard rail, resulting in his car spinning out into the middle of the right northbound lane. According to police damage is estimated at $8000 to his vehicle, and $5000 to the guard rail. Hardy was arrested after taking a breathalyzer test that read .25, which is over 3 times the legal limit of 0.08.

Jeff Hardy’s license has been revoked, and will continue to be invalid until a judge decides his fate.