Jordan Myles Responds To WWE Statement On Controversial Shirt Design, ‘WWE Doesn’t Care About Black People’

Jordan Myles Calls Out Vince McMahon and Triple H Over Racially Insensitive Merchandise

Jordan Myles has responded to WWE’s claims that he approved the controversial t-shirt design sold on WWE’s merchandise site.

In a Twitter statement Myles said, “When I originally say the design I was uncomfortable. Rather than addressing the issue I decided to counter offer with another”.

Myles proceeded to call Baker Landon a liar. Landon is the Creative Services Talent Coordinator at WWE. He serves as a talent manager for all NXT talent, working on creating logos, branding, and merchandise concepts.

According to Myles, Landon stated Triple H wanted the design, and his hands were tied on the matter. Myles said he talked to Triple H, who was under the impression that the design was approved by Myles. Myles posted an e-mail from Baker indicating that Triple H wanted his logo to be “more teethy”.

Myles also stated that the whole WWE system is a is a fraud “where you can’t trust anyone”. He also mentioned made reference to Hulk Hogan being still employed with the company “after giving the locker room an apology being being caught says enough”.

Myles has also uploaded a video on Twitter stating, “WWE Doesn’t Care About Black People”, followed by sticking the middle finger up.

Myles didn’t stop at speaking on WWE, he also mentioned ROH’s lack of diversity in top performers.

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